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Welcome to Brown’s Fine Food Services Inc.

Your Canadian Leader in Food Services! We are a comprehensive dining service provider with creative solutions for all facets of food service! Contact us today to learn how we can improve your food services!

We LOVE Food…and it SHOWS!

At Brown’s we take pride in the creation of our menus. We work with our clients, customers, staff and executive chefs to tailor fit a menu to each unique location.

Keeping our menu offerings current while offering the customer favourites is a fine balance. We achieve this by staying in touch with our customers and making sure we are offering what they like!

We feature Theme Days monthly and constantly do research to introduce new menu items and ingredients into our menu mix. While we have featured a menu, we also provided our chef with the opportunity to create daily specials and features that keep our menus fresh and our customers coming back for more!

Picture of our delicious sandwiches that are made daily at our locations.

Health & Safety Information

It is our first and foremost responsibility to ensure the safety of our customers, employees and clients! Brown’s has a very disciplined and formalized approach to health and safety programs and an ongoing and thorough training programs that benefit our customers and employees.

Information About Our
Customized Menus
for Special Diets

Our customers’ safety and enjoyment is of prime importance to us!

We ask them to let us know if they have any food allergies, intolerances or even dislikes so we can make appropriate substitutions.
Our teams are trained to ask the right questions and are informed of any potential ingredients that may be of concern in any of our menus.


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